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Every Friday

There will be a Downtown Blairsville Farmers Market every Friday from 4pm to 6pm, starting TODAY. It is being held at the old Bi-Lo parking lot, at the corner of East Market Street and North Morrow Street.

There is no charge for setting up a site at the farmers market.

We are hoping that a lot of people who grow their own fruits and vegetables participate in this. We would like to see anyone who grows locally to be there.

Anyone who produces items locally can participate also. This would include vendors who make homemade candles, homemade soaps; people who package their own jams, jellies, salsa; people that have their own beehives and package honey; people who do woodworking; birdhouses, birdfeeders (from wood or birdhouse squash) are welcome; local photographers with local prints, pottery/craft items are also welcome.

If you would like to participate in this event, you can contact Connie Constantino at 724-459-0216 or email her at cic2201@verizon.net or send her a message on Facebook via Blairsville CDA.

This project in under the direction of the Blairsville Community Development Authority.

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