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WCCS Garden Party

There are many great gardens out there in the Indiana County area, and we invite you to put your prized garden on display for a chance to win a $250 package of trees, bushes or other plants from Pikes Peak Nursery. Just submit up to six photos of your garden. Visitors to 1160wccs.com can rate your garden for fun, but the Indiana Garden Club will judge each submission for the contest!

The winner of our Garden Party contest was Peg Suda of Indiana, who submitted the Great Wedding Background! Thanks to everyone for entering, making this the most beautiful of page at 1160wccs.com!
* Must be over 18 to enter
* Only 1 entry per household
* Listerners who have won on WDAD, WCCS, WLCY, WQMU in the past 30 days are not eligible
Renda Broadcasting, its station and affiliates are not responsible for merchandise, installation, or any part of this contest other than to conduct said contest in a fair and equitable way and determine a winner
*Deadline to submit is Oct 8th 2009

What would look great in your garden? Ashley Pribicko knows!
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