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Clark Howard

Clark Howard
On-air: Weekdays 1 PM-3 PM

Clark Howard lives the life he tells his listeners about. His spirit, optimism and plain useful advice resonates with 3.5 million listeners weekly on more than 150 radio stations nation-wide including News-Talk 1160 WCCS. He learned to navigate life's rough waters and appreciate the value of money earlier than most. Clark earned a Masters degree, built a travel agency chain, sold it, and retired by the age of 31. However, the life of leisure didn't stick. He appeared on a radio show about travel and immediately discovered his true calling is to help others.
Clark is an Atlanta native who has started civic programs such as Atlanta Volunteer Action, The Big Buddy Program, and Career Action. In 1993 he opened the Consumer Action Center, an advice service for consumer questions, staffed by more than 140 volunteers. With the help of his listeners, he has built over a dozen homes for Habitat for Humanity.
Clark hosts weekly consumer segments for CNN’s Daybreak and WSB-TV Atlanta and writes a weekly column for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. His latest book, “Clark Smart Real Estate” is in stores now. He’s appeared on The Rachel Ray Show, CNN’s Morning Express with Robin Meade, The Today Show, and been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Kiplinger Magazine.
Clark lives a very smart life with his wife and two daughters in Atlanta, Georgia. Get Clark Smart each and every weekday afternoon from 1-3 on News-Talk 1160 WCCS.
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