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Todd Marino

Todd started in radio in 1983 with Renda Broadcasting in Punxsutawney, having been hired straight from his IUP internship to do afternoon news and a drive-time entertainment program. In 1989, he arrived at WDAD (Trivia: The only person ever hired to replace Jack Benedict), and like most folks in radio, he’s worn a lot of hats, including spinning tunes, sports broadcasting, and news reporting. He’s served as Operations Manager for WDAD and WQMU, and for TV 44, a cable television channel once operated by WDAD.

Currently, he’s the Production Manager for the four Indiana radio stations (WDAD, WCCS, WQMU, and WLCY) and for WGSM in Greensburg. Todd also is the host of Indiana in the Morning on 1160 WCCS. Todd also serves on The Christian Witness’ popular This Sunday Morning staff, where he hosts the early portion of a five-hour segment of Christian programming each Sunday on WDAD.

Todd is married, with a son, and is pastor of the Salem (Hills) Church in Rural Valley.

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