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Joshua Turner was found guilty of first degree murder and aggravated assault for the November 2008 death of Leonard McIntire (III).


Joshua Turner was sentenced by an Indiana County jury yesterday to life in prison without the possibility of parole as punishment for killing 19-month-old Leonard McIntire III in 2008.

Tuner was found guilty last week of first degree murder and aggravated assault for shaking, punching, biting, and strangling McIntire at a Black Lick apartment while he was babysitting the child. The baby died five days later in Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh.

The jury yesterday said that they could not determine beyond a reasonable doubt that Turner is not mentally retarded. The burden fell on the Commonwealth to prove that Turner was not mentally retarded, and Indiana County District Attorney, Tom Bianco, said that while he respects the jury’s decision, he still believes that Turner is not mentally retarded.


The defense said that given Turner’s troubled childhood and various mental disorders the jury made the right decision. Here’s defense attorney Mike Marshall:


Before closing arguments in the penalty phase yesterday, Turner’s mother took to witness stand. 44-year-old Cathy Killian of Louisville, Kentucky told the jury that although she gave up her legal right’s to Turner when he was only 9, that she would like to rekindle their relationship through phone calls and letters.

But Penny Shirley said that she was disappointed the man who killed her step-grandson would not be put to death:


See her complete interview on the video page of wdadradio.com and 1160wccs.com

Turner will return to the courtroom of Judge Gregory Olsen May 17th where he will be sentenced for the aggravated assault charge.

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