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District Attorney Patrick Dougherty will visit the county’s school districts starting next week, aiming to dispel myths and misinformation about juvenile delinquent acts and the consequences of illegal activity among young people.  Dougherty is scheduled to stop by the Saltsburg Middle School on Tuesday and the Blairsville Middle School on Wednesday.  Stops are also planned later this month at the Homer Center High School, Indiana Area Junior High and the Marion Center Area School District’s elementary schools Rayne Township and McCreery.  Stops are planned at the Purchase Line High School and Marion Center Junior/Senior High School in November.


The 2Smart4Trbl program was developed by the training institute of the state District Attorneys Association on the observation that younger children are committing crimes.  Using fictional vignettes, the program shows children the common ways that young people find themselves in trouble.  Situations include possession of illegal drugs, bullying that can lead to terroristic threat charges and the serious nature of bomb threats.


If your school doesn’t have a scheduled visit from the district attorney, you can contact Dougherty’s office at 724-465-3835. 


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