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Most of last night’s Indiana School Board meeting discussion focused on the possibility of closing one of the district school buildings, a topic that has been ongoing for years.

Academic Committee chair Brian Peterson recommended that there was not sufficient time to close a school building for the 2013-2014 school year. Board member Allison Billon disagreed, saying that there was, indeed, enough time.


Board Member Walter Schroth made a concession, amending the motion to say that the board would wait and discuss the issue further at the beginning of next year, unless a financial emergency arises. Mainly, this means funding from the state and federal levels. The motion to move fifth grade to the junior high was tabled on the same concession.


However, the administration was instructed to study the possibility of grade realignment.


A motion passed allowing the district to enter into an agreement with the Indiana Area Education Association to higher licensed practical nurses instead of registered nurses.


In other news, there were some community groups that were unhappy that some district facilities were reserved by the recreation department, but were going unused according to Allison Billon. Evidently, some of the newer after school programs never materialized. The recreation department has first priority over facilities. Superintendent Dale Kirsch said that if facilities are lying dormant the administration should be contacted so that other groups can be approved to use them.

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