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The Indiana County Commissioners on Wednesday voted to approve legal action against a Cherryhill Township couple and also received an update on a lawsuit filed by a state prison inmate against District Attorney Pat Dougherty.

The county's dispute with Charles and Mildred Altemus of Cherryhill Township goes back several years.  Officials say the couple is required to make improvements to a road in their subdivision in Cherryhill Township that have never been completed. 


Furthermore, officials say the condition of the road is so poor that residents cannot access their garages with their vehicles.


Your hometown radio stations were not able to contact the Altemus’ for comment. 


District Attorney Pat Dougherty told the Commissioners that state prison inmate Sanford Edwards, who is serving a life sentence for criminal homicide, has filed a lawsuit against him in order to obtain biological evidence.  The county has voted to hire an attorney to handle the case.

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