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Few details are available about a hearing tomorrow in the Indiana County Courthouse, where Lewis Beatty is expected to plead guilty in the deaths of his two young daughters and estranged wife.  District Attorney Pat Dougherty announced the news earlier this week, but declined to comment further about what the plea deal includes. 


Beatty is accused of brutally murdering his 6-year-old daughter Sara in their South Mahoning Township home on June 1st.  When his older daughter, 11-year-old Amanda, returned home from school, police say he brutally killed her.  Police say he then drove to the Marion Center area, where his estranged wife Christine was living, and killed her before lighting her home on fire.  According to court documents, he returned to his home and set a fire. 


He was rescued from the flames by a neighbor.  Officials say he admitted several times to killing his wife and daughters.  In addition to three counts of criminal homicide, Beatty also faces animal cruelty charges for killing the family’s pets.  Public Defender Fred Hummel declined to comment on tomorrow’s hearing.

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