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Three who allegedly conspired against suspect also due in court


Ronell Moses, Jr. the Penn Hills man accused of gunning down a West Wheatfield Township man December 29th at a mobile home near Torrance is due for a preliminary hearing today before District Judge Mark Bilik in Derry.  Also due before the same judge at the same time today are three accused co-conspirators whose plot to rob Moses led to the shooting death of Michael Volk.   


Moses is an alleged drug dealer who operated in the Blairsville area using the assumed name “Mitch”.  He is charged with criminal homicide, kidnapping to facilitate a felony, prohibited possesion of a firearm, and terroristic threats.


Jesus Santiago, Tiffany Blattenberger, and Danielle Clawson are all charged with criminal homicide, robbery, and conspiracy to commit robbery.  The criminal homicide charge is because police say their actions led to Volk’s death.


Investigators say Volk and his co-conspirators plotted to rob Moses of heroin and money, after having bought heroin from him the night before.  The women dropped off Volk at Santiago’s trailer and left, but Moses pulled a gun and shot Volk during the robbery attempt, and when the women returned, Moses held them and Santiago at gunpoint while he phoned for someone to come and pick him up.  After a warrant was issued for his arrest, he turned himself in last Friday.


Today’s hearings are scheduled for 10 AM.

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