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A Center Township business remains closed today after a fire early yesterday morning.  Workers at Bullseye Firearms tell us they’ll likely be closed until Monday, recovering from the damage caused by that fire. 


Fire crews were called to Bullseye Firearms around 6:30 a.m. yesterday.  They found a small fire in a utility room and quickly put out the flames.  Fire officials say that, without the quick response from local companies, the fire could have been much worse.  They say the fire was likely electrical in nature and started in the utility room. 


In addition to Bullseye Firearms, that building along Route 119 near Homer City also houses Indiana Total Therapy and Fastenal.  Officials with Indiana Total Therapy say their section of the building had some smoke damage and they’ll be closed until Monday.  Indiana Total Therapy does have other locations in Indiana and Blairsville.  Fastenal was open as normal yesterday morning and workers there told us that they hadn’t received any damage from the fire.

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