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Incidents last fall in three counties


A Jefferson County woman has been accused of allowing a group of young boys to use her public assistance food stamp card to buy 35 dozen eggs, then driving them around to throw eggs at homes and cars in Jefferson, Indiana, and Clearfield counties in Pennsylvania.


36-year-old Erica Huey of Punxsutawney is charged with six counts of corruption of minors, two counts of misdemeanor criminal mischief, and 54 counts of summary criminal mischief for the stunt, which was pulled off over a 12-hour period on two days last November.


There were 28 victims in seven municipalities in Jefferson County; Canoe, Banks, and Montgomery townships along with Burnside Borough in Indiana County; and two municipalities in Clearfield County.


The five juvenile boys were charged collectively before the Jefferson County Juvenile Justice system with ten counts of misdemeanor criminal mischief and 270 counts of summary criminal mischief.

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