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Theft ring operated in numerous Indiana County municipalities


A busy morning today at the Indiana County courthouse, where Criminal Call is scheduled for a number of defendants.  That means there is possible court action for defendants named in criminal cases, but many of them will simply be continued to another date.


Among those listed on today’s Criminal Call sheet is Todd Boring of Mount Tabor Road in West Wheatfield Township.  He is named in twelve separate filings for a variety of charges, including theft and receiving, conspiracy, and owning and operating an illegal chop shop.  Boring and co-defendants Mark Campbell of Homer City and Jeffrey Schaldenbrand of Blairsville are accused of stealing skid steers, an ATV, several pickup and dump trucks, motorcycles, a forklift, a shotgun, trailers, and various tools and equipment from numerous places in many locations across the county from 2010 to last summer, when they were caught.  Most of the stolen items, which police estimate are valued at around $180,000, were found at Boring’s property. 


Boring’s case has been continued three times already, but his docket notes that he will not be allowed to seek any further continuances, so there should be some sort of court action today.  Campbell and Schaldenbrand have already been ordered to serve sentences ranging from prison time, probation, ARD, fines, and restitution. 

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