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Three water plants in the Western Pennsylvania area, including one in Indiana County, will be fined in connection with charges filed by the Federal Department of Environmental Protection.

According to reports, the Fluid Recovery Services plant of Creekside is one of three plants being fined for discharging natural gas drilling wastewater into tributaries of the Allegheny River, or the Allegheny River outright.  The fines are a part of a consent agreement between the former Hart Resources Technology Inc., which operated the Creekside plant, and Pennsylvania Brine Treatment Inc, which operated plants in Franklin and in Josephine in Venango County.  The two companies would merge to form Fluid Recovery Services. 

Over $83,000 in fines will be assessed over the three plants, and the companies must also spend as much as $30 million to upgrade the three treatment facilities to comply with more stringent wastewater discharge standards. 

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