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Plants from southern part of county affected...so far


Late blight has been confirmed in southern Indiana County, and that has raised alarms among people who remember the 2009 late blight plague that virtually wiped out the tomato crops of most home farmers. 


Bob Pollockof the Indiana County Penn State Extension says that the tomato-rotting disease flourishes in comparative cool, wet weather such as what we’ve experienced this summer, and he says people need to be watchful and ready to spray fungicide treatments on their plants.  Pollock says to spray the stem, leaves, and fruit.


The blight spores can be borne on the wind and rain and spread rapidly across a region.  Pollock says the Extension office is very interested if you suspect late blight on your farm or garden, and wants to collect samples of the pathogen, so he urges you to contact the Extension.

The blight can also attack potatoes.  If you need guidance on what the blight looks like, Pollock suggests you visit the website http://extension.psu/plants.vegetable-fruit.  There you can also download brochures on late blight.  You can also visit http://usablight.org to track the disease and receive alerts.  So far, Somerset County has also been hit by blight.

Visit “Ask Dr. Bob at www.wdadradio.com for more information. 

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