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IUP is 59th in state


An organization called “Affordable Colleges Online” has released a report on the return on the investment students make in a college education in Pennsylvania, and found that IUP ranks 59th in the state. The report analyzes the amount the average student pays for tuition and fees compared to starting salaries of graduates and the anticipated long-term earnings potential. The figures come from a combination of statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics, Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System, the 2013 College Earnings Report from PayScale.com, and the Carnegie Foundation. The return on investment for IUP graduates, listing tuition and fees at $8,672, is $372,200. That places IUP fifth among State System of Higher Education schools behind Millersville (25th), Bloomsburg (36th), Shippensburg (40th), and East Stroudsburg (46th). The top schools for return on investment are all private schools, led by Haverford College, with $43,702 in tuition and fees resulting in a return of $1.22 million. Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pennsylvania are second and third, respectively.

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