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One of the members of the Blairsville-Saltsburg School Board is calling for an investigation of the board’s procedures and ethics. 

While she would not comment on the issue outside of a prepared statement she made during the school board meeting Wednesday night, School Board Member Holly Hall said that she was filing a request with the state ethics commission to perform an unbiased investigation on, as she put it, how the board deliberates, how they vote, how they spend money, how they employ and how ethical they are when it comes to operating the district.  She said that outside of board members Rick Harper and Holly Gibson, she has been made to feel that the questions she raises and points she makes have branded her a “Trouble-Maker”, and she said she felt troubled that the current administration treats those who don’t take things at face value and ask questions or object to the manner in which they deliberate and make decisions as the enemy, while those who she believes blindly support the administration and behave in an unethical manner are treated as allies.  School District Superintendent Dr. Tammy Whitfield and several members of the school board refused to comment on the statement.

In other business, the board approved the Keystone Oppurtunity Zone for the Blairsville BiLo building.  This was the same KOZ and PILOT  program that was approved the night before at the Blairsville Borough Council Meeting.  Also, a presentation was made by elementary phys-ed teacher Justin Kulik to include Blairsville-Saltsburg students as a part of an international study concerning children’s health.

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