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Ecolane program to take effect next month


Starting next month, Indigo will implement a new system by which vehicles will be dispatched, and the program will feature a change in the way fares are calculated for the transit agency’s Shared Ride and Persons With Disabilities (PWD) customers.


A new software program called Ecolane will use GPS technology to reduce the number of vehicles dispatched to a given area.  Passengers will be grouped by destination and pickup location, allowing for more efficient scheduling. 

Ecolane will also bring about a change in fare structures to charge passengers by actual trip distance rather than a flat rate.  In Indiana Borough and White Township, which make up much of Indigo’s activity, a Shared Ride trip of up to 1.99 miles will drop in price from $2.60 each way to $2.10.  Trips of two to five miles would cost $2.40.  Longer trips outside of Indiana and White Township would cost $4.50 for distances of twenty to 29.99 miles. 


Aging Services clients over age 65 would see no fare increase.  They pay 30 cents, with Aging Services covering the difference, regardless of the trip distance.  The Persons With Disabilities program riders will see the same fare structure as Shared Ride customers, since the PWD fares are built on the same fare platform.


The Ecolane software is being rolled out only now in Pennsylvania, and Indigo is one of the first agencies to install it.  PennDOT wants to eventually have all transit agencies use it.  The system is being tested now and training for Indigo personnel is scheduled for the first week of December. 


If you’d like information on how the program will work or to get an estimate of a fare, you may call Indigo at 724-465-2140, or toll-free at 1-800-442-6928.

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