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Woman asks court to drop charges of homicide, murder


Westmoreland County Judge John Blahovec will conduct a pretrial motions hearing today for Tiffany Blattenberger, who earlier this month asked the court to dismiss the charges against her and to sever her cojoined case from the cases of others who are facing the same charges in the death last December of an Indiana County man.


Michael Volk of West Wheatfield Township was shot to death by Ronell Moses of Penn Hills at a trailer in Torrance.  Moses is scheduled to go to trial next month for first degree murder.  Investigators say Volk was trying to rob him of drugs and money, and that Blattenberger, her boyfriend Jesus Santiago, and Volk’s girlfriend Danielle Clawson, are charged with criminal homicide and second degree murder because their actions in plotting the robbery with Volk led directly to his death.  The shooting occurred at the home of Santiago and Blattenberger while their young children were in the trailer.


On November 4th, Blattenberger’s attorney filed a motion to dismiss charges, a motion to sever her case from the others’, and writs of habeus corpus for both the murder and criminal homicide charges.  A writ of habeus corpus would force the prosecution to justify Balttenberger’s detention in prison and, if the judge rules in her favor, bring about her release on bond.


The hearing is scheduled today for 9 AM.

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