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Indiana-Based State Police have charged a Saltsburg man with false imprisonment and impersonating a police officer.


State Police say on Thursday, two Saltsburg teenagers had been going along Leech Avenue and corning vehicles when they hit the vehicle of 43-year-old Jack Edmundson of Saltsburg and a second vehicle.  When both cars stopped, the teenagers ran.  One was able to get home without getting caught, but Police say that Edmundson shouted “Police” at the other teenager and the teen stopped running.  Edmundson tackled the young man into a nearby alley and started to assault him.  Edmundson eventually cuffed him and brought him out of the alley and Edmundson put the teen into the backseat of his car.


A passerby noticed that the teen’s hands were turning blue in the cuffs, and when Edmundson saw this, he asked the witness to call police for a handcuff key.  The only thing the witness could do was use a pair of bolt cutters to separate the cuffs at the chain.  State Police were able to separate both the teen and Edmundson.  The teen did have apparent injury to his wrists from the cuffs, which was discovered after state police removed them. 


While the teens are charged with summary criminal mischief charges, Edmundson is charged with felony Unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, and misdemeanor charges of impersonating an officer and harassment, and summary disorderly conduct charges.  Charges were filed with District Justice Guy Haberl.  Edmundson was able to post $10,000 straight cash bail.  A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for December 5th at Guy Haberl’s office.

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