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Pennsylvania’s Emergency Management Agency will be helping out officials at IUP and Indiana County in taking a close look at the events surrounding I-U-Patty’s day.

Over the last few weeks, both IUP and Indiana County Commissioners have requested PEMA to conduct an After-Action Review of events before, during and after the weekend of March 8th.  The celebration, unsanctioned by IUP, was noted by several incidents of public drunkeness and rowdy behavior, including fights that spilled out onto South Seventh Street that were captured on video and posted to social media sites.  As of right now, five students have been charged with incidents connected to a fight that went out onto Seventh Street on March 8th.  Three students involved in the fight and filming it have turned themselves into police, and were released on $50,000 unsecured bond.  They will also face possible university sanctions, as the three are IUP Students.

PEMA Director Glen Cannon said that an After-Action Review is something done routinely after any significant incident.  He said experienced personnel out of the Western Office will lead officials through the After Action Review to help community officials prepare and handle something like this in the future.  Cannon said that they will meet with stakeholders on an individual basis to get their feedback on the events surrounding the incident.  They will take a look at what did work, and also let them know what needs improvement.  IUP and Indiana Borough officials can incorporate the results into a strategic plan that can be used going forward.

Both IUP President Michael Driscoll and Indiana County Commissioner Rod Ruddock are thankful for PEMA’s help.  The outcome of the After-Action Review will be shared with stakeholders at a later time.

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