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The stories of those who have lost children due to drug abuse were among the highlights of last night’s special public meeting in Saltsburg. 

Those at the Saltsburg High School Auditorium last night learned some uncomfortable facts about illegal and prescription drug abuse, ranging from what the drugs look like and what they are called to the effects that drug abuse has on people and families.  The facts came from drug authorities and groups like the Armstrong-Indiana-Clarion Drug and Alcohol Commission and The Open Door.  The stories of tragedy came from two parents who have lost their children to drug use.  One of those parents, Rachele Morelli, produced a short film about the loss of her son Jonathan and showed it during the meeting.  After the meeting, she said it was good that the word on drug abuse was getting out.

District Attorney Pat Dougherty, whose office organized the meeting along with the AICDAC, Blairsville-Saltsburg School District and IRMC, said that the best thing to do with the information that was presented was to keep lines of communication open.

Everyone who made a presentation last night said loud and clear that Drugs are a problem in Indiana County, and there is help for anyone who needs it.

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