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Snowfall, temperatures worse than normal this year


The old-timers will tell you we still have at least two more snow events coming this spring, including the ‘onion snow”, but with the warm weather on the horizon, we take a look at just how tough this winter was.  


What we find is that we shoveled a lot more this year than last…73.1 inches of snow measured at the Two Lick filter plant of the Pennsylvania American Water Company, compared to just 49 inches of snow last year.  According to the NOAA National Climatic Data Center, the average snowfall for Indiana since 1981 has been 46.5 inches.


And we struggled more to stay warm.  Take a look at the average temperatures forIndiana. 

  • In December, the average high temperature was 40.6 degrees, wit the average low 23.8.  that makes the December average overall 32.2 degrees. 
  • In January, the average high was 29.0, the average low 9, for a daily average of 19.8.
  • In February, the average daily temperature was 22.1, with an average high of 32.8 and an average low of 11.5.
  • And in March, the average high temperature was 43.1 and the average low was 19.0, for a daily average of 31.0.


The averages for December through March were a high of 36.4, a low of 15.8, and an overall average of 26.12 degrees.  According to weathersparks.com,Indiana’s average daily temperature for December to March since 1999 has been 43.1 degrees.


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