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No Indiana County schools rank among top in state


U.S. News & World Report has issued its annual rankings of high schools across the nation, including ratings for schools within each state. While none of Indiana County’s schools made the listing of the top schools in the state, the magazine did note their findings for each of them:


Homer Center had a student-to-teacher ration of 14-1, and scores of 2.7 for both math and reading proficiency.  Blairsville High School had a 17-1 ratios of students to teachers, a 9.1 rating for college preparedness, and 3.0 ratings in both math and reading proficiency.  Indiana had one teacher for every 13 students, a county-best rating of 25.5 for college preparedness, math proficiency at 2.8 and reading proficiency at 3.4.  Marion Center, a 14-1 student-to-teacher ratio, 6.9 on college preparedness, 2.7 in math and 2.9 in reading.  Penns Manor, 14-1 students to teachers, 2.5 in math and 2.7 in reading.  Purchase Line had a 12-1 student-to-teacher ratio, and scores of 2.9 in math proficiency and 2.8 in reading.   Saltsburg High School’s ratio of students to teachers was 16-1, with math and reading proficiency both at 3.0.  United rated 12-1 in students to teachers, 9.7 in college preparedness, 2.7 in math proficiency and 3.1 in reading.  Some schools did not have college preparedness scores available.


For contrast, the top public school in the state was ranked number 3 overall.  New Hope-Solebury High School in Bucks County had a 12-1 ratio of students to teachers, a college preparedness score of 54.8, and scores of 3.4 in math proficiency and 3.6 in reading.  Private schools in Philadelphia and Erie were the top two ranked schools in Pennsylvania.

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