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Drug ring arrest in Punxsutawney nets 52-year-old


It would be hard to believe that a drug operation this big does not reach into Indiana County, with Punxsutawney being so close to the county line; a 52-year-old Punxsy woman has been charged with possession with intent to deliver, money laundering, and corrupt organizations, and a District Judge in Jefferson County set her bond at $5 million.
M. Lisa Saldana – whose criminal docket lists her as Lisa Marie Saldana – of 136 Wayne Avenue in Punxsutawney was taken into custody yesterday and arraigned before District Judge Douglas Chambers, who ordered her held at the Jefferson County lockup in Brookville.   
Police say that between July of 2012 and yesterday, Saldana sold synthetic marijuana and bath salts, packaging material, cutting agents, and other items associated with heroin trafficking.  The investigation goes on and more arrests could be coming.

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