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Williams, Morrow, Weaver honored by Department of Corrections


This week has been Department of Corrections Employee Week, and that means honors for several employees of SCI Pine Grove in Indiana. 


Travis Williams, a food service instructor, was awarded the Department of Corrections Medal of Valor for his work at the scene of a January 24th accident on Route 422 as he was driving home from work.  When traffic came to a sudden standstill, Williams heard screams, so he got out of his truck and ran up the hill, where he found a young couple trapped in their pickup, which was wedged beneath the gas tank of a tractor trailer and with smoke coming from under their hood.  Working with other rescuers, he helped the victims until emergency responders arrived.


Matthew Morrow, an employment vocation coordinator atSCIPine Grove, was honored with the Department of Corrections’ Mentor of the Year award. He has served as a mentor for two years, to consistently positive responses from those he has helped.     


Finally, the Thomas Fulcomer Award for dedication to the Department of Corrections, co-workers, offenders, family, and community was given to Mike Weaver, who is a corrections counselor at SCI Pine Grove. 


The award recognizes someone who is a positive role model, well-respected, well-liked, compassionate, thoughtful, kind, and a team player. Weaver is also a training instructor, teaching professionalism, ethics and the impact of crime. A long-standing member of the facility’s hostage negotiation team, Weaver also serves on the returning veterans’ committee, security threat group committee, employee association, as well as the professionalism and ethics committee. 

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