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The IUP trustees approved some fine changes in an effort to help curb some misbehavior on campus. 

At Thursday’s meeting, the IUP Council of Trustees decided to increase student conduct fines.  In many cases ranging from disciplinary probation to a stayed suspension, the fines associated with those punishments were doubled, while the fine associated with a full suspension has tripled.  IUP President Dr. Michael Driscoll said he wanted the fines in place to dissuade students from breaking university rules.

Driscoll also brought up the subject of I-U-Patty’s day, which is currently being investigated by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency.  Driscoll said that he was pleased with what was going on, and was anticipating the stakeholder summit that PEMA is going to hold next week.

Finally, the council of trustees honored two student athletes with commendations for their outstanding student athlete careers.  The two were swimmer Allyson Mitideieri and Men’s basketball’s Marcel Souberbielle.

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