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July 16, 2008


In a 14-page document filed in federal court, Michelle Yelenic denies any role in the 2006 murder of her estranged husband, Blairsville dentist John Yelenic. State trooper Kevin Foley is awaiting trial for the murder. Foley and Michelle Yelenic were living together at the time.

The court filing was an official response to a wrongful death lawsuit in which Michelle Yelenic is named. Others named in the suit include Foley; the Pennsylvania state police; outgoing state police commissioner Jeffrey Miller; former Indiana barracks commander Brad Shields; Foley’s former partner, trooper Brian Bono; and troopers James Fry, Daniel Zenisek, Deana Kirkland and Alison Jacobs.  The inclusion of the state police and certain troopers is for their alleged attempts to cover up the murder or not react properly to obvious signals from Foley that he was going to commit murder.

The suit filed by John Yelenic’s cousin, Mary Ann Clark, seeks one-million dollars, claiming Bono and Michelle Yelenic “caused or assisted” in the murder by encouraging Foley to do it and then helped cover up the evidence.

All of the other defendants have filed responses to the suit, all asking that it be dismissed. Michelle Yelenic’s attorney, Andrew Barbin, asks for dismissal also, denying that she had any role in the slaying, and saying that the Yelenics were involved in typical divorce disputes.

U.S. District Court Judge Sylvia Rambo has given Clark’s attorney, Don Bailey, until August 15th to respond to the court filings.

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