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Woman accused of having sex with male inmate


Another guard at the Indiana County Jail has been accused of sexual misconduct and is facing charges as a result. 


State police say 25-year-old Anna Grafton of Indiana was involved in a consensual sexual relationship with a male inmate and spent several hours having relations with him in the late night May 24th, extending into the early morning hours the next day.  The man, who is classified as a victim because Grafton was a jail employee, is serving a state prison term for aggravated assault at the county jail.


Grafton was reportedly fired from the jail last Friday.  She’d worked there three years. She was arraigned on a charge of institutional sexual assault and released on $10,000 unsecured bond. 


The news of Grafton’s arrest comes as a lawsuit is unfolding regarding another case of inappropriate sexual conduct at the jail.  Two former inmates filed suit a civil right suit in county court against two guards, the jail itself, former warden Carol Hummel, and Indiana County.   


Guards Molly Gross and Margaret Dailey are both awaiting criminal trial.  Gross is charged with having relations with the two female former inmates and Dailey with retaliating against the inmates out of jealousy because she and Gross had their own sexual relationship.


The suit, which was transferred last week to federal court in Pittsburgh, blames the jail for letting the incident happen, Hummel for creating an atmosphere that discouraged the plaintiffs from reporting the incidents, and the county and the county prison board for hiring Gross and Dailey and failing to monitor their behavior.

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