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State System still has not responded


Today is the deadline imposed by the faculty union for the State System of Higher Education to accept binding arbitration in the contract dispute.  APSCUF- the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties – said September 26th that if the State System does not agree to binding arbitration, the union will hold a meeting this coming Saturday to begin the process of authorizing a strike.


The State System still has not responded to the demand for binding arbitration, but has said that it will meet the deadline with its answer (so expect some sort of response today).  The State System has never agreed to binding arbitration in the past.


APSCUF, which represents more than 6,000 teachers and coaches at the fourteen state-owned universities, has proposed binding arbitration to kick in next month after the end of the currently-scheduled negotiating sessions.


Last week, one hundred faculty members demonstrated at the State System Board of Governors fall meeting.

The next scheduled negotiations are next Monday.

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