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Armstrong district conducts public hearing on charter school


Approximately twenty people attended a public hearing last night conducted by the Armstrong School District, which is considering whether or not to approve a charter school called Everlasting Elderton.


Armstrong solicitor Lee Price led the questioning of charter school officials, including Everlasting Elderton board president Catherine Ernest-Fouse and attorney Joshua Pollak.  The district closed the Elderton High School this year and is sending most of its students to West Shamokin.  Everlasting Elderton would utilize the MicroSociety curriculum design which is commonly used in charter schools, and that was one of the issues raised by Price, who said it is generally used for grades K-8, but the new school would adapt it to include grades 9-12.  He also voiced concern about other educational issues, including curriculum questions, extracurricular activitites, baseline testing standards for secondary students, and finances.  He also questioned the universal start time of 7:30 AM for all grades.


The school district can only turn down the charter school for specific educational reasons or for lack of community support.  It must decide within 45 to 75 days after last night’s hearing, so the earliest possible decision would be February 10th.  If the board rejects the charter, Everlasting Elderton could appeal to the state Department of Education.    

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