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Jimmy Stewart will be recognized at a new museum planned by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles.  The Stewart Foundation of California and the Shultz Foundation of Arizona announced a partnership yesterday. 


Ken and Carol Shultz have worked with the Stewart Foundation to fund recognition of Jimmy Stewart’s commitment to education, community, country and the development of young minds in the Education Center of the new Los Angeles facility.  On top of that, the Shultz Foundation will support the Jimmy Stewart Museum here in Indiana. 


Ken Shultz visited the museum last fall.  Museum Board President Pauline Simms says the board is thrilled with the news and the extra funding will help ease annual budgetary demands.  The long-term hope of the museum is an endowment which will secure operations securely into the future.  Simms added that while support of foundations is essential, the museum equally values the continued support of the local community.

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