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The Pennsylvania Superior Court has reversed the conviction of a Penn Run coal truck driver on charges of vehicular homicide in relation to an accident back in 2007 along Route 286. 


Steven Lynn was found guilty in Indiana County court for the death of Ronald Gromley of Cherry Tree.  Your hometown radio stations are currently working to learn more about the ruling, but the result is listed on Pennsylvania’s Unified Judicial System website.  The accident happened in November of 2007. 


Police said at the time that Lynn was driving a tri-axle coal truck on Route 286 in the area of Sample Run Hill near the intersection of Stable Road when he struck the rear of an automobile operated by Gromley.  Gromley was stopped at the intersection, waiting to make a left turn onto Stable Road when his vehicle was struck by Lynn’s coal truck. 


We’re working to learn more on the story and we’ll bring you new details as they’re available.

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