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Father accused of homicide in death of 20-day-old girl


A prosecution expert told the jury in the Clayton Mibroda homicide trial yesterday that the death of 20-day-old Natalie Mibroda could not possibly have been an accident.


The infant’s autopsy, conducted the day after she died on December 27th, 2011, showed extensive injuries, according to Todd Luckasevic of the Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s office.  Using photographs of the baby’s injuries, Luckasevic described the sort of violent shaking that would have had to have taken place to cause the types of injuries Natalie had. 


Also yesterday, an 11-year-old family member of Mibroda’s testified that she sometimes saw Mibroda place his fingers inside the baby’s mouth.  Luckasevic had described a tongue bruise that he had said he’d never seen before despite having performed more than 2,000 autopsies.


Dr. Stacey Robertson of the medical clinic in Bolivar told the jury that she had been treating Natalie’s mother, Kayla Lichtenfels, for post partum depression, but she said Lichtenfels was never a danger to Natalie or her then-10-month-old brother.  Responding to a defense question, state trooper Jason Morgan said there was nothing to suggest that Lichtenfels was to blame for Natalie’s death, nor that Clayton Mibroda was trying to “cover” for Lichtenfels by repeatedly changing his story about what really happened.


Day three of the trial is today in the courtroom of Judge John Blahovec in Greensburg.

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