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New school in Manor Townswhip to open in 2015


No more Elderton Bobcats, Kittanning Wildcats, or Ford City Sabres, and no color scheme favoring one of those schools over the other two…the Armstrong School Board last night appointed leaders for a committee to lead the process of finding a new name, mascot, and color scheme for the new high school in Manor Township that will replace Elderton, Kittanning, and Ford City.


The principals of West Shamokin, Kittanning, and Ford City will chair the committee, which will be comprised of student representatives, the two athletic directors in the district, and six community members.  The school board is getting to work on the process so that the architects can plan a paint scheme for the new school, which is scheduled to open in 2015.  They want the colors chosen by early February, and the rest can wait.


The administration is recommending the new school be called the Armstrong Junior-Senior High School, a name the school board must approve.

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