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Adelphoi Village proposes one-year lease


The former Elderton Junior-Senior high school has been sitting vacant this year, but the school may get new life if the Armstrong School Board approves a proposal to lease the building to Adelphoi Village, Incorporated.  The proposal does not sit well with some Elderton residents, who plan to show up at tonight’s school board meeting to protest on the grounds that having a school for troubled youths in a building attached to the Elderton Elementary School is not a good idea.


Adelphoi has proposed paying $90,000 for a one-year lease to use eight clasrooms, the school office, and a multipurpose room.  The company had previously made an offer to take over the Kittanning Township Elementary School, which also was closed after the last school year.


Everlasting Elderton, a proposed charter school, had also wanted to lease the old high school, but the school board has resisted that possibility, so the charter school is instead looking at using the Elderton Towne Hall.  The Armstrong board must approve the charter school for it to go forward, and the cooling off period after a December public hearing expired yesterday, meaning the school board must decide between now and March 12th.  If they disapprove, the charter school could appeal to the state Education Department.


Also tonight, the Armstrong board is expected to discuss a name for the new high school being built in Manor Township.

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