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Autopsy results inconclusive so far


Indiana County Coroner Mike Baker this morning issued releases with new information on two recent deaths.


Baker says an autopsy on 50-year-old Jeffrey Moretti of Fulmer Street in Indiana did not turn up any evidence of foul play.  Moretti’s body was found shortly after 8:30 yesterday morning near the entrance to the Gazette Printers location along Indian Springs Road. Toxicology tests are pending, but the coroner says he believes the death was from natural causes.


In the second case, Baker says toxicology tests will likely decide the cause of death of 28-year-old Christopher Brandner, whose frozen body was found facedown in the snow in a vacant lot on Glenwood Avenue in Glen Campbell last weekend. 


Baker says that while it is believed that Brandner had been in a fight and had been injured prior to his death, the autopsy demonstrated that there was insufficient trauma for it to have contributed in any way to his death.  Hypothermia has also been ruled out as a cause of death.  State police and the Indiana County District Attorney investigated the case.  

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