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The Indiana Area School board passed a motion to expand some music classes at the senior high for the next school year to be five days a week and worth a full credit. Additionally, if students cannot attend two simultaneous classes, they can make up that time in a free period and will be awarded fractional credits accordingly.


According to high school Principal Wade McElheny, this is a better alternative than a study hall for students and will make them more competitive. However, this will result in fewer personal lessons.


In other news, the board approved an agreement with the Seneca Valley School District for use of the cyber education platform to get through the second half of this school year.


New courses were added for next year’s curriculum: aspects of engineering one and two and a new personal fitness class. The fitness class will be offered to juniors and seniors and will allow them to set their own fitness goals and progress accordingly. This will fulfill the physical education requirements.


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