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The agenda for tonight’s regular meeting of the Marion Center School Board includes several recurring issues.  The board will vote on whether to offer its support for the Challenger Learning Center. 


The learning center is supported by several other districts in the county, including Indiana and Homer Center.  The center is space-themed and backed by NASA.  It would be located here in Indiana County and organizers say it would draw in students from across Western Pennsylvania. 


The board will also consider approval of the job description for a school security officer.  This is something the board has considered since before the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in December.  One other security improvement up for consideration tonight is the purchase of extra security cameras for the district’s buildings.  That contract, which will be voted on tonight, comes to more than $57,000.  The Marion Center School Board meets tonight at the McCreery Elementary Library at 7:30 p.m.  The Indiana School Board also meets tonight for its regular monthly meeting.  

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