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District begins search for new drama teacher


­The Indiana Area School District is gearing up for its second year of hosting a cyber school.  The Indiana Digital Educational Academy for Learning, also known as IDEAL, is coming to the end of its first year. They had far more students than they expected. The hope was to provide both full-time and blended education to about five to eight students. They ended up with 40 students and a valuable learning experience, according to School Board President Tom Harley.


Board members consider the IDEAL program a success after one year.  Operating its own cyber school allows Indiana Area to keep money within the district that would otherwise have been lost to other cyber schools.


In other school board news, the search is on for a new drama teacher, with the impending retirement of Gretchen Barbor. The board hopes to land a candidate who will serve in the position for 20 or 30 years.


The traditional Differential Aptitude Test is getting another look. This was a lengthy test that determined possible career choices for 9th graders. Academic Committee Chair Brian Peterson said they are considering the RediStep test, which seems more up to date, is shorter, and is cheaper pre student.   


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