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Judge bars references to Lewis Beatty


FAIRMAN                             NEW               4:40A              TUE                3/23/13/TJM


Opening statements are scheduled today (8:30AM) in the criminal homicide trial of 33-year-old Shaun Fairman.  It took only one day to pick a full jury, despite defense concerns that it would not be possible for Fairman to get a fair trial inIndianaCounty.


Fairman is accused of shooting to death his father-in-law, Richard Shotts, last June at a home along Route 210 south ofTradeCityinNorthMahoningTownship. He is also accused of going room-to-room chasing after his wife beforeJessica Fairmanshot and wounded her husband, holding him at bay until police arrived.


Fairman is charged with criminal homicide, two counts of aggravated assault, burglary, and receiving stolen property.  He has admitted that he killed Shotts, and his attorneys, public defenders Robert Dougherty and Ronald McKee, are pursuing a defense of not guilty by reason of insanity or mental infirmity.


Yesterday, Indiana County President Judge William Martin issued a number of rulings on defense motions, including the lifting of sequestration for two witnesses, forensic psychiatrists Christine Martone and Neil Blumberg.  That means they will be allowed to be in the courtroom to hear testimony offered by others. 


The judge also ordered that no prosecution witnesses may refer in any way to the Lewis Beatty case.  Beatty murdered his wife and two daughters on the same weekend last June as Fairman allegedly killed Richard Shotts.   

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