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Says defendant was with three victims hours before shooting


Testimony yesterday in the Kevin Murphy triple-murder trial focused on the alleged murder weapon, a 22-caliber pistol that an employee at the Ferguson Glass Shop told the court was brought to the business by one of the murdered victims, Kris Murphy, several days before the shootings.


Donald Shondlemyer testified that the gun was to be used to shoot a raccoon that had been trapped on the adjoining farm owned by the Murphy’s uncle.  He told the court that when he left the glass shop just before4 PM, Kevin Murphy and his mother, sister, and aunt were still there.  The women were later found murdered in a garage bay at the shop.  Shondlemyer said he checked the back door to be sure it was locked.  A state trooper had testified that the door had been found propped open with a box, which was confirmed by a photo shown to the jury.


The jury was also shown photographs of the victims - which Kevin Murphy avoided looking at - and they were shown pictures of the gun hidden underneath a belt sander.  


Shondlemyer testified for about an hour and is expected back on the stand today for continued questioning by District Attorney John Peck and cross examination by the defense.

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