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Judge establishes that Shaun Fairman killed Richard Shotts


Day one of the Shaun Fairman trial focused on the events of last June 2nd and 3rd, when Shaun Fairman shot and killed his father-in-law Richard Shotts.  Prior to testimony for the commonwealth getting underway, Indiana County President Judge William Martin explained several stipulations of fact, including the fact that the shot that killed Richard Shotts was fired by Fairman, and that Shaun Fairman’s estranged wife had filed for a Protection From Abuse order and for divorce.

Fairman’s wife, Jessica, along with her mother Candice Shotts testified that Shaun Fairman had arrived at the home late on the night of June 2nd and started to talk to Richard Shotts, who was there protecting his daughter.  The women testified that after Shotts was killed, Jessica hid her mother and the children in the attic of the house before Shaun Fairman came upstairs, and Jessica also described how she shot Shaun before police arrived.

The afternoon session focused on the state police investigation, and Fairman’s treatment at Punxsutawney Area Hospital.  The last witness of the day was Amishman Raymond Weaver of Smicksburg, who, at a harness shop the day before the shooting sold Fairman a rifle he carried on the night Shotts was killed.  Fairman shot his father-in-law with a pistol.  Weaver said Fairman told him that if anyone asked who bought the gun, he was to say that he didn’t know.

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