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Police say men made up story to conceal their involvement in crash


Two Indiana men are facing charges after a state police investigation revealed they made up a story about an armed carjacking earlier this month.


State police say 22-year-old Jessie Wood, Jr. and 18-year-old Jakeb Schrecongost reported that they were the victims of a man they picked up hitchhiking near Penn Run on May 2nd.  They said the guy pulled a gun on them and forced them out of the car, then drove away.  The vehicle was later found crashed on Route 422 near Route 119, and as the investigation ensued the two supposed victims’ stories failed to hold up.  Police say they both confessed that they’d fabricated the report to conceal the fact that they’d been involved in a hit-and-run crash.


Wood is now facing charges of false reports and furnishing alcohol to minors.  Schrecongost is charged with false reports and purchase/consumption/possession/transportation of alcohol.

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