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As IUP students move off-campus for the semester, the IUP council of trustees gave updates yesterday (Thursday) from the university committees.

IUP President Michael Driscoll is finishing up his second semester in the position. He said this summer should mark the start of a large construction project.


The Pennsylvania Department of General Services has not yet released the bid for contract, but the expected completion date of the humanities building is still around August 2014.


In his address to the public, Driscoll said there is a projected $5.78 million shortfall in the 2013-2014 budget. Several areas are identified for budget reductions, but this also means an increase in student fees. The student service fee will increase for undergrads from $9 to $12 per credit hour. Grad students will see an increase from $6 to $9 per credit hour.


Driscoll said, “We will have a balanced budget next year, but not without a little pain along the way.”

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