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Those attending the Indiana High School Prom and the Grand March will see some highly visible security measures in place.

In light of a recent low-level threat found in the Indiana Area School District earlier this month, Indiana School District Superintendent Dale Kirsch said that security measures were in place this morning for senior high students as they came into school, as they were searched with a wand by Indiana County Sheriffs, and State Police had bomb-sniffing dogs roam the building. Nothing was found, but for tonight's Prom, Kirsch said security will be beefed up.  Parents and Prom-goers will see Indiana Sheriffs once again at the school for the Grand March, and everyone attending the grand march will be searched.  Also prom-goers will be searched again before boarding the bus to go to the prom.

We here at your hometown radio stations want to remind all prom-goers to stay safe tonight, and do not include alcohol in your celebrations.

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