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State-owned universities awash in red ink


Wednesday was the deadline for the State System of Higher Education to notify tenured faculty members at its fourteen universities that their jobs were being cut.  APSCUF, the faculty union at IUP and its sister schools, says it was a “day of infamy.”


Union president Steve Hicks called it “Retrenchment Day,” decrying what he called the “system’s self-destructive process” of mass job cuts.  Hicks says the red ink flowing from the State System schools are the result of an 18 percent funding cut two years ago, and “poor management and irresponsible borrowing” of the State System schools. 


An independent analysis of the State System budget projections says the schools will need to collectively close an estimated $69 million dollar budget shortfall next year alone.


State Representative Dave Reed, on Indiana In the Morning on WDAD yesterday, said the loss of funding from the federal government several years ago was too much for the state to make up, but the legislature needs to fund education sensibly, without over-burdening the state’s taxpayers.


Spending on the State System schools the past two years has been flat, with no increases or cuts to the state allocation.   

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