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An Indiana man is accused of forging a doctor’s signature to get some drugs.  Indiana-Based State Police say Adam Vanderneck tried to forge a doctor’s signature on 13 medical prescriptions that he tried to turn in at various pharmacies in Indiana county, including Walmart, K-mart, and Rite Aid.  Police say that he was after pain medications.


Police are investigating an incident where a woman said she was robbed while shopping at the Wal-mart in Burrell Township.  Police say between 2:30 and 3:30 Friday afternoon, Mary Ressler discovered that $300 was missing from her purse while shopping at the supercenter.  Police believe it to be a theft, and are asking you to contact them if you have any information.


One person and one deer was injured around 6:00 Friday Morning on Route 85 in Rayne Township.  52-year-old Sandra Alabran was driving on Route 85 nearing Nastatse road when she hit a deer.  Police say she had minor injuries.  She was treated at IRMC.


One person was injured in a one-vehicle crash in Cherryhill Township.  Police say 22-year-old Angela Guelich of Belsano was driving south on Ray Road near Chestnut Ridge Road when she lost control and went off the east berm, travelled through some snow along a small embankment and hit a tree with the car’s front end.  Guelich suffered what police are calling minor injuries.  Her passenger was not injured.

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