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PennDOT says there will be lengthy delays and congestion


Brace yourself if you must drive on the Route 119 bypass around Indiana on Monday.  PennDOT says there will be rolling stops from 7 AM to 7 PM on the busy highway as crews set beams on the Route 119 East Pike bridge replacement project. 


The concrete beams are being set in both the northbound and southbound lanes, starting Monday.  PennDOT says the contractor’s work vehicles will be in the traffic flow lanes to get those beams in place, and the remainder of the week crews will be working two shifts, setting structure forms and rebar and pouring concrete. 


The $3.2 million season-long project is just under halfway done and is scheduled for completion next spring.


Lengthy delays and traffic congestion are expected Monday, and PennDOT asks for extra patience from drivers.  The best plan is to find another way to get to where you’re going.

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