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Open Mic allows for listener interaction and participation via our studio lines and our email address. (openmic@1160wccs.com) Topics vary from show to show and lately you can't go one day without the price at the pump and/or the presidential election. The variety of topics has ranged over the months from parking in downtown Indiana, police presence in Blairsville, school and property taxes, the intersection of 119/56 in Homer City, just to name a few.

Open Mic has received phone calls from listeners who agree and many who do not agree with our points or opinions on all subjects. Our listeners have always been good when it comes to adding other comments pertaining to that segment's topic.

Open Mic has also featured a number of guests either live in the studio or via the phone lines. We have welcomed the Indiana County Commissioners, state representatives, state senator and others to participate live and even take calls from you.

Don't be shy!! Be a part of Open Mic and stay informed with what is going on in our area and around the world. It's not just a few lines of the story, it's the entire story and you can come to your own conclusion.
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12th Congressional District
Do you think that the new President Obama Corporate tax program is a good idea?
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